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Teachers and students are using technology in the classroom more and more each day. Video lessons are a great way for children to learn skills at their own pace, and these online tutorials also give kids the option to rewatch or rewind to parts of a lesson for which they need reinforcement. ELearning lessons are also a great tool for families that home school or teachers that use eLearning as an option in their planning.

Math eLearning

Simplifying Lesson
Fractions Lesson
Perimeter Lesson
Area Lesson
Data Lesson
Rounding Lesson
Multiplication Lesson
Order of Operations Lesson
Place Value Lesson
Factors Lesson
Multiples Lesson
Coordinate Plane Lesson

Reading eLearning

Main Idea and Details Lesson
Cause and Effect Lesson
Drawing Conclusions Lesson
Context Clues Lesson
Author's Purpose Lesson
Similes and Metaphors Lesson
Theme of a Story Lesson
Making Inferences Lesson
eLearning Compare & Contrast
eLearning Facts Opinions
eLearning Point Of View
eLearning Author's Tone

English Language Arts eLearning

Action Verbs Lesson
Adjectives Lesson
Adverbs Lesson
Prefixes Lesson
Conjunctions eLearning
Irregular Verbs eLearning
online commas
tutorial pronouns
lesson plural nouns
eLearning helping verbs

Science eLearning

Water Cycle Lesson
Food Chain Videos
States Of Matter Videos
Cells Videos
Energy Lesson
Photosynthesis Lesson
Virus eLearning
plants and animals eLearning

Social Studies eLearning

Natural Resources Lesson
Supply And Demand Video

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Free Learning Videos for Kids

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