Natural Resources eLearning Videos for Kids and Elementary Students

Key Point: A natural resource is anything we use that comes from nature.

A resource is anything a person can use. A natural resource, then, is anything we use that comes from nature. One of the most important natural resources is water. Three fourths of Earth’s surface is covered by water. Water is used for many things, including washing, cooking, and drinking. Another common natural resource is sunlight. Sunlight provides light and helps us to produce energy. Sunlight is also good for your health. The sun’s ultraviolet rays help your body make a nutrient called Vitamin D, which is important for your bones, blood cells, and immune system. Sunlight also helps us to grow crops and other plants. Air is another resource made by nature. Your brain needs oxygen from the air to function. When you breathe in, your lungs take the oxygen from the air and transport it to your brain through the bloodstream. Wood is another common natural resource. We use wood to build many things in our daily lives. Some examples are buildings, furniture, and tools. Wood is also used as fuel for fire. Water, sunlight, air, and wood are all very common natural resources. Some other resources made by nature include coal, wind, soil, sand, oil, and even animals.

Free Natural Resources eLearning Videos for Kids

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