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Key Point: Each digit in a number has a value depending on what place it is in.

Each digit in a number has a value. By noticing a digit’s place in a number, you can determine how much it’s worth. This number is pronounced six thousand, two hundred eighty-four. It has four digits. Let’s begin by looking at the four. The digit, 4, is in the ones place. This lets us know that the number 6,284 has 4 one’s. This is what four ones looks like. The 8 is also a digit. It is in the tens place. The tens place lets us know how many groups of ten a number has. Since this number has an eight in the tens place, we know that there are eight groups of ten. Eight groups of ten is equal to eighty. Eight tens look like this. In the hundreds place, we see that there is a 2. A digit in this spot tells us how many groups of one hundred a number has. Since there is a 2 in the hundreds place, we know that this number has two groups of a hundred, which is equal to two hundred. This is what two hundred looks like. Finally, the digit 6 is in the thousands place. Notice that a comma is used to separate the hundreds place from the thousands place. A 6 in the thousands place let’s us know that this number has six groups of one thousand. Six groups of a thousand is also equal to six thousand, which looks like this. Remember, each digit in a number has a value. To determine the value of any digit in a number, simply notice its place in the number.
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