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Key Point: Facts can be proven. Opinions cannot.

Trying to determine whether a statement is a fact or opinion just comes down to one thing: Can it be proven? A fact is any statement that can be proved. Take a look at this statement for example: “The Pizza Cottage has cheese pizza on the menu.” This statement is a fact, because you can prove that this restaurant serves cheese pizza. Opinions, on the other hand, are statements that cannot be proven true. Opinions often deal with emotions, beliefs, or thoughts. Here’s another statement about pizza. “Nobody makes cheese pizza as tasty as the Pizza Cottage.” This might be something you agree with, but you cannot prove that one thing tastes better than another. Since this statement is a belief that cannot be proven, it is an opinion. Let’s see if you can identify some statements as being either a fact or an opinion. “Plants need water in order to grow.” This is a fact, because you can prove it. “Everybody loves playing video games.” This is a belief that cannot be proven, so it is an opinion. “Summers are always hot.” This might be a little tricky, because in many places, summer does have high temperatures. But there are places where the temperature does not get that high in summer. Also, what one person considers is hot, another might feel is comfortable. This is an opinion.

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