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Key Point: Use conjunctions to connect parts of a sentence.
In this lesson: and, but, or, so

Conjunctions are words that are used to connect two parts of a sentence. Being able to identify a conjunction can also help you determine the full meaning of a sentence. Some common conjunctions include and, but, or, and so. Let’s look at how the conjunction, and, is used. “Clara called her mother, and they spoke for an hour.” Notice how the conjunction, and, is connecting these two sentences. We use the word, and, any time we want to connect two ideas that are related or similar. The conjunction, but, however, is used to connect two thoughts that are in contrast and are often opposite of each other. “It was very cold outside, but Henry did not put his coat on.” Normally, when it’s cold outside, a person would put a coat on. The fact that Henry did not shows contrast. The conjunction, but, is used to join these two opposite ideas. When we need to connect two ideas that show a choice, we use the conjunction, or. “Should I buy a new truck or use the money for a vacation?” The conjunction, or, is connecting the two options in the choice: Buying a new truck or going on vacation. Finally, you can also use the word, so, to connect ideas that show a cause and effect. “Mary studied for two hours, so she did well on the test.” In this example, the reason Mary did well on the test was caused by the fact that she studied for two hours. The conjunction, so, is used to connect the cause to the effect in a single sentence.

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