Pluran Nouns eLearning Videos for Kids and Elementary Students

Key Point: A plural noun is more than 1 of something.

A plural noun is any noun that indicates more than one of something. Many times, only an S needs to be added to change a noun to its plural form. Some nouns, though, require a different approach when spelling their plural form. Any noun that ends in an X, CH, SH, or S would need an ES added to the end instead of just an S. For example, the plural form of fox would be foxes – notice the addition of ES instead of just an S. Since the noun, bench, ends in a CH, you would add an ES to form the word benches. The plural form of brush would be brushes because it ends in an SH. And the noun, glass, would be glasses, since its singular form already ends in an S. Another way to form a plural noun occurs when you have a word that ends with a consonant followed by the letter Y. When this is true, you need to drop the Y and add an IES. For example, the noun fly ends in an L and a Y. To correctly spell the plural form of FLY you would replace the Y with and an I and add ES. When a noun ends in an F, you need to change the F to a V and add an ES. The plural form of the word wolf, then, would be wolves. Some other nouns that end in F include shelf, elf, and loaf. Some nouns do not use an S to form their plural. Instead a spelling change is needed. A few common examples are mice, which is the plural for of mouse. Children, which is the plural form of child. Feet, which is the plural form of foot. And people, which is the plural form of person.

Free Plural Nouns eLearning Videos for Kids

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