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Free Math Games for Kids

Bango: Place Value Puncher
Zombie Paintball: Math Game
Zombie Paintball
Snowball Fight: Math Game
Snowball Fight
Block Buster: Math Game
Astro Blaster
Road Racer
Road Racer Title

Fast Facts
Fast Facts
Block Buster: Math Game
Block Buster
Number Sense Game
Monster Truck Title
TicMathToe: Math Game
PIzzeria Parlor
Shot Clock
Shot Clock

Basic Facts Game
Flash Cards: Math Game
Flash Cards
Coins For Candy: Money Counting Game (coins)
Coins for Candy
Missile Mania: Multiples & Ordering Game
Missile Mania

123 Toys!: Basic Number Counting
123 Toys!
Cheese Race: Multiplication Game
Cheese Race
Count and Match
Time Math Game
Time Matching Game
Alien Addends
Alien Addends

TimeTeller: Reading a Clock
Time Teller
Base Ten BlocksBase Ten Blocks Number Game
Number Matching Game
Math Quest
Math Quest
Jet Reduction: Fractions Game
Jet Reduction Title

Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero

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