The Noble Headstones

The Skill of Warp!
Finishing this quest will grant you access to the skill of WARP.

To begin this quest, talk to a man in the Scalene Society (Division Desert).
He will tell you about the warp rings spread throughout the land.
He will also give you a small test, find all 4 noble headstones.
All you have to do is go up and touch each one, and then report back to him after touching all four.

Location of the Four Headstones
Division Desert:
Northeast corner. You'll actually need to go to western side of the desert and enter the pathway of rocks from that side. But it will lead you north to a point where you can reach the headstone.
Forest of Fayth:
Due east of the Geomo Tree. Digging in the area around this headstone will result in slightly better results.
Multiple Mountains:
Northeast part, on the way to the Battle Arena. You'll have to bomb your way through a lot of frozen rocks, so bring plenty of bombs.
Garden of Shadowsoul:
Actually, this can be accessed in the southwestern part of the Forest of Fayth.