Geomo Seeds

Finding Geomo Seeds
You can begin this quest by talking to a boy in the northwestern part of the Garden of Shadowsoul.
(NOTE: You cannot enter the garden without permission from a royal guard. This permission will only be given after you have recovered the 2nd orb in the main quest line.)
The boy will tell you that he wants to grow a Geomo Tree.
He asks you to find him some seeds.
Head back to the Geomo Tree that you saved near Dyce.
The caretaker there will sell you some Geomo Seeds for 20 Orc Coins

Obtaining Orc Coins
Orc Coins drop from several monsters in the Garden of Shadowsoul.
It should also be noted that Orc Coins play a role in your chances of getting the rare weapon, Orc Blade, to drop from an Orc Warrior.

Finishing Up
Once you have 20 Orc Coins, exchange them for the seeds at Geomo Tree near Dyce.
The caretaker will give you Geomo Seeds.
Return the seeds to the boy in the Garden of Shadowsoul.