Save the Geomo Tree

The Geomo Tree
This quest serves as the main story line for Math Quest.
To begin this quest, visit the man standing to the east of the withered tree (southwest of Dyce).
He will tell you to rush back to Dyce and inform the Mayor about the dying tree.
The mayor's house is the northern most building in Dyce.
The mayor will tell you to get a square root in order to save the tree.

Finding the Square Root
You can get a square root by trading 15 bear teeth to a man named Dahl in the Forest of Fayth.
Battling bears can be difficult if you have nothing more than a club.
Try and earn some gold by selling boar tusks and buy a knife or sword.
Dahl is located 1 screen north and 1 screen east, just after you enter the Forest of Fayth.
(There is also a chest with the Scroll of Fire in it on Dahl's screen.)
Rush the square root back to the man at the withered tree.
Then, walk back to the mayor and tell him that you saved the Geomo Tree.
The mayor will ask you to bring news of the Geomo Tree to King Mathius.
First, though, you'll need to get through Creepers' Cavern.

Creepers' Cavern
It is strongly advised that you take a strong weapon, some oranges (for poison), and some healing magic (or food).
You will have to beat a Creeper in order to get to the kingdom. (HINT: It's wise to save your game just before you attack the Creeper.)
If you are lucky enough to beat the Creeper, exit the cavern and head east to the castle.

The Multiple Mountains
The king tells you to head to the Multiple Mountains and search for Sir Cumference.
From the castle you'll need to head west and then north.
If you explore far enough north in the mountains, you'll find an outpost in ruins.
Sir Cumference will tell you to go back and inform the king.

The Temple of Tessellation
Upon you return, you'll notice that the king has been kidnapped!
There is a hole in the wall just behind the king's throne, go through this hole.
Here you will find a courtyard with a guard.
The guard will instruct you to retrieve the Blue Orb of Peace from the Temple of Tessellation.
From the castle, travel west and then south to a large lake full of alligators.
The temple is on the east side of this lake.
Once inside the temple, you'll need to navigate your way to a stone tablet (southwestern corner of the temple).
This tablet contains a math problem that serves as a code.
The code will allow you to enter the room with the Blue Orb of Peace.
(NOTE: If you leave the game for any reason, this code resets.)
Travel east of the room with the tablet and then north to find the coded door.
Once you have the orb, return to Castle Muldivadd and tell the guard in the courtyard.

The Division Desert
Next, the castle guard tells you to travel to the Division Desert.
From the castle, you will need to travel west and enter the Multiple Mountains again.
Once there, take the western path which will eventually wind its way south and west again.
If you have trouble, use this MAP
Once you arrive in the desert, travel all the way south, then east, and finally head north until you arrive at the Scalene Society.

The Red Orb of Strength
The Red Orb is found in the Temple of the Quarterhawk.
To gain entrance, you'll need to do a quick mini-quest.
Talk to a man in the Scalene Society that tells you to bring him 5 cobra fangs and 7 scorpion claws.
Once you do this, he'll give you a fire crystal.
Take the fire crystal to the southwestern part of the desert.
Locate a statue that is surrounded by a bunch of little sand pyramids.
Clear the way to the statue using bombs, and then lay the fire crystal on the statue.
This will automatically warp you into the Temple of the Quarterhawk.
(NOTE: There is no exit from the temple! You'll need to use magic, food, or skills.)
Once inside, fill up your health; it's dangerous in here.
Travel all the way south, then head east, and finally north.
There is no coded door, so when you see the Quarter Hawk, fill up your health bar.
It's advised to use the magic of slow and have plenty of magic and food for health.
If you defeat the Quarter Hawk, head west one room and get the orb. Well done!

The Orb of Life
Once you've reported back to the guard at Castle Muldivadd, he'll send you east to the Garden of Shadowsoul.
The garden can actually be accessed two different ways: 1) Southern Forest of Fayth 2) Northwestern Islands of Inequality.
The garden has a lot of orcs and imps, be careful. Imps are best defeated with magic.
The Orb of Life is actually located under the garden in an area called The Vault of Shadowsoul.
The entrance to this vault is located in the southern part of the garden, but can only be opened by lighting two torches.
The two torches are located on the eastern and western sides of the garden.
Simply stand near each torch and cast a level 2 (or greater) fire spell.
Now that both torches are lit, head the southern most headstone, there should be a staircase now. Walk down it.
Once inside the Vault of Shadowsoul, you'll have to wind your way around a bit.
From the entrance head south, and then as far east as you can go. Stay against the eastern most wall, and head north.
Now you only need to make your way west.
Eventually, you'll find your way to what appears like a dead end with two trees against the north wall.
If you bomb the wall right between the trees, a hole will appear.
Walk through the hole. If you try to pass through the door in the next room, you'll notice that it is sealed shut.
Look closely and you'll see a pile of dust to the right of the door. Bomb the wall right behind the dust.
Walk through the hole, but be careful. As soon as you grab the Orb of Life, Shadowsoul will appear!
You'll need plenty of healing magic or food, the upgraded skill of Medic is recommended as well.
Slow him, keep fire or ice up on him, and never let your health fall too far below half.
Shadowsoul will also steal your magic, so you might want to bring food for have REFRESH active.
It will also cast CONFUSE, so have plenty of blueberries ready.

Saving the King
This is the final part of the main quest line.
Take the Orb of Life back to the guard in Castle Muldivadd.
The guard will send you back to the ruined outpost in the Multiple Mountains.
This time, however, you'll need to follow Sir Cumference into the ruins.
There is an underground path that will lead you north and then west to a mountainous area.
Grimsbane is in the northwestern-most part of this area.
Grimsbane is very difficult to navigate because it has a lot of warp rings that automatically warp you around the castle.
Ultimately you want to arrive in the room at the southwest corner of Grimsbane.
From that room, you will travel straight north 3 rooms.
These rooms are full of Creepers, Quarter Hawks, and Shadowsouls... BE READY!
In the northern-most room, you'll find King Mathius and Sir Cumference, but you'll also notice one more character...The Denominator, leader of the Negative Knights.
Fortunately, Sir Cumference joins you in the battle!
If you are skilled enough to beat The Denominator, then talk to the king.
He asks you to meet him back at Castle Muldivadd. Make sure you do.
You'll not only get a reward, but this will allow you to start another quest: The Alpha Sword.