Blue Flowers

Finishing this quest will reward you with the magic of BLESSING and a blue crystal.
(NOTE: The blue crystal can be used to open blue chests.)

Pam Loves Flowers
Talk to Pam, found 1 screen south of Dyce.
She'll ask you to find a blue flower.
There are 6 flowers to find, and you have to find them in a certain order.

The 1st Flower:
The first flower can be found in the Forest of Fayth, near where you enter the Creepers' Cavern.
Simply stand on the flower and use the skill of DIG.
Take the flower back to Pam for a small reward.

The 2nd Flower:
Be sure to talk to Pam after you get your reward or the next flower won't appear.
The second flower can be found just north of a small pond east of Castle Muldivadd.

The 3rd Flower:
Talk to Pam once again.
Oddly, the third flower will grow in the Temple of Tessellation.

The 4th Flower:
Talk to Pam once again.
You will find the fourth flower in the middle of the Division Desert.

The 5th Flower:
Speak with Pam again.
Search the Multiple Mountains for the fifth flower, just east of the outpost.

The Final Flower:
Speak with Pam yet again.
The final blue flower can be found in the Garden of Shadowsoul.
Access to the garden can only be granted by a royal guard, and even then only after you've found the Orb of Strength (main quest line).

Diamond Armor
Pam is so happy that you've found her flowers, she decides to tell you a secret.
She tells you about some special armor her son made for her.
She hands you a blue crystal and tells you to use it in the Multiple Mountains (on a blue chest).
The blue chest can be found on the same screen you found the blue flower in that same area.

Magic of Blessing
With the blue crystal, you can now open all blue chests.
Search Division Desert for a blue chest containing the magic of Blessing.
(NOTE: Blessing converts all MP to Heath, and then adds a very powerful refresh effect.)