Armor Stats Where to Obtain
Speed +3 Dyce
Magic +20 Dyce
Health +50
Speed -2
Castle Muldivadd
Health +110
Speed -1
Castle Muldivadd
Magic +50 Castle Muldivadd
Regen Effect Creeper's Cavern
Lessens chance of attacks.
Speed -4
Treasure Chest
Strength +25
Blocks heat
Scalene Society
Speed +5 Scalene Society
Health +200
Magic +100
Speed -3
Prevents poison
Prevents confusion
Hidden effect: ???
Treasure Box
Speed +4
Hides you from most attacks.
Battle Arena
(Upgrade from Phantom Cloak)
Health +300
Speed +2
Castle Muldivadd
(Upgrade from Royal Armor)
Reduces damage from normal attacks by 50%! Battle Arena
(Upgrade from Sun Armor)
HP +1 (Upgradeable)
MP +1 (Upgradeable)
Regen +1 (Upgradeable)
Refresh +1 (Upgradeable)
Green Chest
(See Jonus for upgrades.)