Skill Description How to Obtain
View a map of Solterra. Village of Gale
Cost: 10 gold
Allows you to dig for gold or other treasures. Level 3
Removes poison and heals a small amount of health. Level 6
Run away from most attackers during battle.
(This rarely works on bosses or powerful foes.)
Level 9
Instantly attack a nearby foe. Level 12
Grants a better chance for finding items.
Also grants a better chance for strong hits in battle.
Lasts 2 minutes.
Level 17
Swaps your current health and magic points. Level 21
Helps you find gold, diamonds, and other valuables.
(Especially after battle and when bombing things.)
Level 26
Once activated, your HP and MP will increase slowly until you move or are attacked. Level 32
Causes your foe to not act for a moment.
At times, it may stop your foe from casting a spell.
(West of Gale)
Lets you walk faster for 1 minute. Theo
Quest: Don't Be Late!
Where: Northeast of Gale
Reduces the chance that you will be attacked. (Lasts 2 minutes.) Nero
Quest: Item Finder.
Where: Mines of Mutrovia
Puts up a protective barrier that blocks 100 points of physical attacks.
(This skill can be upgraded in the Mines of Mutrovia)
Mount Morius
(Battle table: Mal Moria)
8% chance you will learn this upon victory.
Allows you to take back stolen items from attackers. Silent Echo
(Mines of Mutrovia)
He will teach you this once you reach trial 3 in the quest, The Ninja Test
Greatly reduces chances of being attacked.
Allows you to dodge 25% of attackers normal attacks.
Attack bonus will always result in a triple hit!
Lasts about 2 minutes.
Silent Echo
(Mines of Mutrovia)
Complete the 5 trials of the quest, The Ninja Test
Divides attackers health points in half!
Only works if you are in ninja-mode.
Can only be used once per battle.
Silver Scar
Allows you to switch Legions without reporting to Legion Headquarters. Legion Headquarters
South: 8, East: 3
Sets a new spot for the magic spell of RETRACE. Ransford
West of Lake Ollusara
Creates a clone during battle that will confuse your attacker. Hollow Wind
Underground, north of Edelston
Instantly fills attack bonus gauge. Ry'Nolus
Quest: Oein's Dream
Helps find your hunting target.
Hunting level: Amateur
(Success is based on your current accuracy.)
Hunting Lodge
40 Legion stones
Resets any completed hunts.
Hunting level: Amateur
Hunting Lodge
120 Legion stones
Displays weakness of some enemies.
(Currently only needed for 3 bosses.)
Unbroken Canyons
Eastern Island
Skill points are earned during battle.
You earn 1 skill point for every math problem you answer correctly.
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