Ring Information How to Obtain
Fighter's Ring
Strength +1 Gale Ring Shop
25 gold
Mage's Ring
Magic Attack +1 Gale Ring Shop
50 gold
Walker's Ring
Speed +1 Gale Ring Shop
100 gold
Buyer's Ring
Valor +1 Gale Ring Shop
125 gold
Life Ring
Health Limit +50 Gale Ring Shop
70 gold
Guard's Ring
Defense +1 Gale Ring Shop
80 gold
Magic Ring
Magic Limit +50 Silvan Ring Shop
70 gold
Muscle Ring
Strength +2 Silvan Ring Shop
400 gold
Squire's Ring
Experience +5 Silvan Ring Shop
500 gold
Silvan Ring
Health Limit +200
Magic Limit +50
Boyer Woodlands
Lake Ollusara

5% chance using DIG
Beast Ring
Defense +2
Experience +5
Legion Victory Reward

10% chance if you earned 100 legion points on a day where Beastslayer won (must still be a member).
Lion Ring
Strength +2
Health Limit +500
Legion Victory Reward

10% chance if you earned 100 legion points on a day where Lionsoul won (must still be a member).
Talon Ring
Magic Attack +3
Magic Limit +300
Legion Victory Reward

10% chance if you earned 100 legion points on a day where Talonscar won (must still be a member).
Guyan Ring
Refresh effect
(1 MP every 2 secs)
Guyan Temple

Treasure Chest
Ryna's Ring
Regen effect
(1 HP every sec)
Boyer Woodlands
Battle Table

12% drop rate upon defeat of Rahas Ryna
Crimm's Ring
Prevents Poison Edelston

Ring of Romis
Boost +1
Experience +5

Defeat Lord Romis in a duel.
Ninja's Ring
Evasion +5%
Defense +2
Mines of Mutrovia

Upon entering the mines, find Nimble Wind without being attacked.
Iron Ring
Guard +1
Defense +1
Mines of Mutrovia
Battle Table

Sustain 10,000 points of damage before defeating Iron Fisto.
Ransi Ring
Health Limit +1,000
Weak +3
Ransi Moor

Defeat a Ransi Furor in 8 seconds or less.
Fryt's Ring
Attack speed +5
Health limit +500
Tower of Harrakoth
Battle Table

4% drop rate upon defeating Fryt
Morian Ring
Magic Attack +8
Magic limit +500

(Hidden effect: drains HP when equipped outside of Mal Morra.)
Mal Morra
Use the skill of RETRIEVE on a Fellsage.
7% chance of success
Ring of Fire
Fire +5 (per sec)
Firewall +5
Survive at least 5 ERUPTS from a Flame Drake.
Shayde Ring
Allows you to see Shaydes and hidden Shayde objects. The Shayde Crypt
Defeat Chorthis
(Near 90+% drop rate.)
Doom Ring
Prevents you from being defeated once the DOOM counter reaches zero.
Hidden effect: 25% chance of instant win against non-bosses.
The Shayde Crypt
The "endless" room.
(Very difficult to find.)
Hadly's Ring
3% chance that a hit will be worth double damage.
+1000 Health Limit
Finish Quest: Lost in the Shayde
Sage Ring
10% chance that the next spell you cast will not cost any MP. Soul Sage
10% chance of drop
Mystic Ring
+5 Magic Attack
+100 Magic Limit
Finish Quest: Another Day, Another Sage
Zeal Ring
Start each battle with 10 seconds of zeal.
Stacks with zeal spell.
Gift Stone
10% chance
Onyx Ring
Double hit +25%
MP Limit +1000
Onyx Eater
5% drop rate
Wallo's Ring
Magic attack +100
Refresh +1
Complete Quest:
Canyon Crisis
Auran's Ring
Prevents confusion
Doubles skill points gained in battle.
Forged by Bourke
Unbroken Canyons
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